Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day Six AM - Magic Kingdom

The bus stop for the Magic Kingdom was very crowded so we decided to take a gamble and hop the bus to Epcot then take the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Instead of the standard shuttle bus, this was one of the luxury Disney Cruise Line buses. This meant that there wasn’t any extra room on the bus for strollers. Not realizing this, a woman attempted to bring her stroller aboard and was confronted by a rather surly bus driver who berated her for not waiting to have the stroller stowed underneath the bus. Not exactly the Disney spirit you would expect.

Our car on the Monorail was empty due to the fact that that Epcot wasn’t open yet so most people were taking the bus to the Parks. I had hoped to take some photos through the window, but my camera lens was totally fogged up from being in the air-conditioned room then moving out to the warm, humid outdoors.

Once instead the Magic Kingdom, we board the train at the Main Street Station and took it to the next stop which was in Frontierland. We had hoped to ride Splash Mountain but it was temporarily closed so we rode Big Thunder twice in a row. Splash Mountain was still closed so we went to Tomorrowland. The line for Space Mountain was short so we decided to ride it, after picking up FP’s to use later on. Afterwards, rode Stitch’s Great Escape then picked up FP’s for Buzz Lightyear.

By now we were getting hungry so we ate lunch at the Columbia Harbour House, where we had lunch on our tour the day before. The restaurant was practically empty as it was a little early for the lunch crowd. There was no one in the small dining area that we chose and the excellent theming make us feel like we were actually eating in a small tavern in New England. Jason had the same sandwich he had yesterday, while I tried the chicken strips. We had no desire to eat here while we were researching eating places for this trip. However, after actually eating here twice, it has become a favorite and will be a place we visit on future trips.

After lunch we used our FP for Space Mountain and our FP for Buzz Lightyear. Hoping that Splash Mountain was open, we went back to Frontierland and found that it was. The line was fairly short so we hopped on. At Disneyland, there is a chance that you may get wet, but usually not too seriously. I had heard that at WDW there’s a much greater chance that you’ll be splashed, especially if you’re seated in the front row. As we prepared to board, the couple in front of us offered to switch places, as they were designated for the front row. We laughed and graciously declined their offer. However, they got the last laugh. Having been on this ride before, they knew right when to duck, allowing the wave of water to pass over them and hit us in the face. Soaking wet, we decided it was a good time to go back to the resort for our rest. Tonight was the night we had tickets to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) so we hopped the train in Frontierland and rode it back to the Main Street Station. Once again we refilled our mugs and settled down for naps.


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